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5P Hortiplex, is a firm managed and run by professionals in the field of International Business and manufacturing, endeavoring towards a stable, professional and fruitful long term business relationship with its trading partners worldwide. 5P entered the organic agro inputs business with a wide range of Eco-friendly agricultural products ranging from Cocopeat (coir pith or cocofibre in blocks / briquettes and hydrophonic grow-bags), biopesticides like Neem oil (cold pressed), neem cake which is a biofertilizer and nematode repellant, nursery supplies like live plants / seedlings, and trading in Coir & food / agro processing machineryAt 5P Hortiplex, we lay huge emphasis on quality products manufactured through quality conscious processes and aided by a delivery system that ensures prompt shipment schedules. As a manufacturer-exporter of high quality cocopeat (coir dust or coco fibre in blocks / briquettes), 5P is strategically located at Coimbatore, in the coconut belt of south India, which gives us the advantage of sourcing the ideal raw material that goes into making cocopeat that holds the optimum parameters / properties suitable for healthy plant growth


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Distributor, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer

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Fertilizers: Inorganic Fertilizers


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Immanuel Gideon


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